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Bestline Lubricant Products to buy our BestLine Products!

Bestline Lubricant Products

Run an engine with NO OIL?
That’s just what we did!

On Saturday, August 16th, 2014 we ran a Caterpillar 12 Motor-Grader with no oil - after treating the engine with BestLine Diesel engine oil additive. WHY? Because we wanted to see for ourselves what will happen to a big, healthy, diesel engine if it loses all oil pressure after being treated with BestLine… and we kept running it ’till it stopped. Expert Caterpillar people claim just 1 to 2 minutes maximum until catastrophic failure! After treating with BestLine the engine ran for a long, long time with the drain plug off and no oil in the engine... and then after adding the old oil back, it ran great just as normal. It’s astonishing what happened that day - just absolutely incredible.

Bestline Lubricant Products

We’re always looking for great ways to help our customers at RVES; and we’ve sure found an incredible one! We discovered a line of premium synthetic lubrication solutions that we are using in all of our own vehicles, and recommending to all of our valued customers. Check out the demo of how well our HD Industrial Lubricant by BestLine lubricating spray works next to all the other products you’re used to using.

Now let’s take a look at how HD Industrial Lubricant by BestLine  dramatically enhances the performance of traditional motor oils. It’s so amazing that it seems almost too good to be true, but you just can’t deny the evidence you’re seeing with your own eyes. That’s why we made these videos!


Here’s a comparison between HD Industrial Lubricant by BestLine and another very popular diesel fuel additive. You can expect the same or similar results with any other diesel fuel additiveyou could try; as Tony K says he'll put anything anyone wants on the tester and let you see for yourself, but certainly you get the idea. Just look at the picture below, which is from the actual bearing used it the diesel fuel additive test.

Here's the difference in the bearing damage between other products and BestLine lubricants! Which would you want to run in your engine?

Dealer's Choice Used 4500P

Stay tuned to this page for more “bake-off” demonstrations with all the other HD Industrial Lubricant by BestLine products; we have more videos on the way. You can do a web search and see what others think of the BestLine products -- this is no bs, it's real technology that really works. So come on over to the RVES shop, or give us a call, and buy some for yourself. We have the full lineup of our HD Industrial Lubricant by BestLine here, in-stock and available for purchase today.


Here's a RVES customer being happily suprised by his new Ventrac gift!


Dealer's Choice Used 4500P

Just another day at A2A.


Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Management

Ventrac is the NEW standard in Sidewalk Snow Removal. Watch an introduction to Ventrac's snow management product lineup featuring an interview with Bob St. Jacques owner of Four Seasons Landscaping, and former president of SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association). Bob owns 29 Ventrac tractors and uses Ventrac for not just sidewalk snow removal , but year round as well.

Stay tuned to this page for more Ventrac videos on their wide range of products and solutions; we have more videos on the way. So keep an eye on us here on our website, come on over to the RVES shop, or give us a call, we're your full-service Ventrac dealer.

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A2A's takin' advantage of
the great weather and prepping
these cool tractors OUTSIDE!

0% Interest $0 Down For 36 Months On Advertised Ventrac Packages -- 1.9% For 48 Months -- 2.9% For 60 Months -- For Commercial Customers In The Tri-State Area -- You Must Be In Business For This Financing


Q&A with Tony K


RVES loves all our customers; but especially educators!

A2A has Steiners For Schools!
RVES is very happy to be preparing a big order of well-equipped Steiner tractors for a local educational institution, to enable them to effectively handle all their upcoming outdoor seasonal challenges. We can help you too, just call, click or come on over and see us today! RVES is always here for your every need.



We’re looking forward to helping you at Rondout Valley Engine Service,
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Bestline Lubricant Products
to buy our BestLine Products!

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Oil Tests is an article from Street Commodores that compares different commercial lubricants, using the same Timkin bearing test dyno the we use here at RVES. This article will give you an idea of how they all compare, and it has nice closeups of the resulting scar on the bearing that the friction produces. Download the PDF and save it on your computer for future reference.


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We build our own race engines here at RVES; click below to see one powering the #20 car. Very exciting come-from-behind win for Tony Kawalchuk!


Here's a tractor being hatched at RVES!


One of our engine-building secrets – Number-One Daughter Girl Joyce!